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     How to create a hanging basket                            

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What you require:
14 inch basket, mosstex (textile fibre), moss or liner, scissors, John Innes No.2 compost, slow release fertilizer (loose granules) A minimum of 15-20 plants and a plant pot.
Some plants for your hanging basket:
Busy Lizzie / French marigolds / Lobelia / Fuchsias / Creeping jenny / Trailing geraniums /Dwarf nasturtiums / Begonias / Morning glory.

Stage 1 2 3 4
Line the basket with moss or  be environmentally friendly and use a textile fibre. Once the basket is lined poke holes where you want plants to go. Add a small amount of compost  at the bottom of the basket. It's a good idea to add a slow release fertilizer in the form of loose granules.
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Starting at the bottom push plants carefully through the textile fibre. When you have planted the lowest level all around add more compost. Again push plants through but this time one row up. Top up with more compost .


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