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      How to create a Bottle Garden                          

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Bottle gardens make a lovely decorative addition to your houseplant collection, and are very easy to create and maintain.  Depending on the size of your bottle, you can plant either 3 or 5 plants.
 Step 1    
Some plants are tall growing, and some are spreading, so you put the tall ones at the back, or in the middle, and the lower-growing ones at the front, or around the outside.  

You will need :
A glass bottle with a wide neck - big enough to fit your hand inside.
Fine gravel - alpine mix, or something similar
Houseplant compost
Miniature plants - they can be bought from most garden centres

 Step 2   Step 3
Line the bottom of your bottle with gravel, about 2".  This helps to create drainage. Put about 2-3" of compost on top, spreading evenly.

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